Extra Curricular Classes

We are pleased to offer extra curricular classes throughout the year at no additional cost to parents! Throughout the year, we rotate between classes such as yoga, cooking, water play and class pets. We also take field trips to expand your child’s access to the great community around them. We believe that your child will benefit greatly from our well-rounded program.

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Picture Day

We offer annual picture day! Say goodbye to bad indoor lighting, no editing and no smiles! Our main provider, Irene is a part-time photographer! That makes it easy for your child to feel comfortable and say cheese during their picture day session! Parents can also expect additional high quality images throughout the year documenting outdoor play, seasonal holidays and more!

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Nature in the classroom

We strongly believe that children thrive when given ample access to the wonderful outdoors. We take the children outside nearly everyday unless weather does not permit. This means extra sunscreen and ice water on hotter days and snowsuits and boots in the winter! There is so much to learn by being outdoors and the benefits for children include better cognitive skills, positive thinking, appreciation for nature/conservation and more! We also bring the outdoors inside by offering class pets such as chicks and butterflies. We also bring various farm animals to our school for the kids to interact with.